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Insurance Agency-The Tips to Hiring

If at all you are planning to start an insurance agency, certainly you are going to require staff. By and large, the process of hiring staff for your agency can be such an uphill task but this doesn’t have to be the case always anyway.

The hiring process can be broken down into four basic steps and these are; the planning, recruiting, interviewing and the completion of the hire. In this post, we will take a look at some tips to guide all through these phases of the hiring process for your insurance agency.

First and foremost, you must have laid out plans for the staffing needs of your agency. It is often the case that as an agency starts out, there will be only one licensed agent, who in most cases happens to be the owner. To help him or her out with the volume of paperwork therein, there will be one or two administrative assistants. You should bear in mind the fact that there is a need to have these staff trained in the insurance business so as to be able to do their jobs the right way.

In the beginning, the licensed agent, whom we have said to be in most cases the business owner, will handle all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing, claims management, accounting and all there is in between. However, going forward and as your insurance agency expands, there will be the need to consider bringing on board specialized personnel to take care of the specific roles there are now in the company.

For instance, you will need a claims manager to take care of the claims aspect of your company. Your claims manager will be the one to work with the clients post a loss, liaising with them for the collection of the necessary details and then file their report with the company. By and large, the person occupying such an office as the claims manager will be the one to track the claims, right from the beginning to their ultimate conclusion and see to it that the clients are indeed content.

The other staff your agency will require going forward is an accountant. Given the volume of financial transactions there will be involving the many policies your agency will have on offer, it so follows that having an accountant brought on board into your insurance agency will be such a wise move considering the fact that tracking all these on your own ca be so time consuming and challenging anyway.

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